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Doctors reject 'final' contract offer

Junior doctors' leaders have rejected a "final take-it-or-leave-it" offer made by the government in the contract dispute in England.

Early guilty pleas 'to be encouraged'

All criminals who plead guilty at the earliest opportunity could have their sentences cut by a third, under new plans in England and Wales.

Police 'should be neutral' in sex cases

Police should change their approach to dealing with sex abuse claims and not automatically believe the complainant, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has suggested.

University bosses' pay 'inflation-busting'

Vice-chancellors at UK universities receive average salary packages of £272,000 a year, the University and College Union says.

Aleppo fighting 'displaces 50,000'

Fighting in Syria's Aleppo province has displaced about 50,000 people and the humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly, the Red Cross says.

FBI surrounds last Oregon occupiers

The FBI moves in on the last occupiers of a wildlife reserve in the US state of Oregon who are protesting against federal control of local lands.

Shoppers 'fail to spot cheapest deals'

Most grocery shoppers are unable to identify the cheapest deals when faced with a blizzard of "special offers" in stores, financial experts say.


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Study Abroad

Study abroad has number of unique benefits & advantages; here are some is a sampling of the reasons why study abroad is something for you to consider:

  • Itís a great growth experience - When you study abroad youll be challenged to live among people unlike yourself in a foreign country. The everyday challenges this introduces will cause you to mature, increase your confidence and self-esteem, and ultimately make you a more well-rounded person.

  • Gain a better understanding of the world - When you live in a foreign country you will begin to see yourself within the context of the greater world around you. Seeing the ėbig pictureí can prompt you to question the views youíve held about the unfamiliar and reconsider biases and prejudices.

  • Develop your foreign language skills - When you are forced to use another language to conduct everyday business outside of class, for instance at the grocery store or in a restaurant, youíll see how much easier it is to pick the language up. Thereís nothing like immersing yourself in another culture to learn the nuances that a book canít give you.

  • Increase your marketability - Another study abroad benefit will materialize as you seek employment. Employers view students who have studied abroad as more respectful of different viewpoints and better positioned to handle the demands of the working world with maturity than their peers. And if youíre bilingual, thatís even better!.

  • Youíll be a more valuable employee - Study abroad will continue to benefit you throughout your career. As borders continue to blur in the business world, and bottom lines become more dependant on foreign relationships, those with experience living abroad will be in increasingly higher demand. And those with experience abroad oftentimes make better candidates for leadership positions.

  • Work internationally - Living in another country also opens up opportunities for working overseas. From teaching abroad to getting work at a foreign company, study abroad opens up a world of possibilities.